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Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Manufacturing or cultivation of illegal drugs is treated as a serious crime at both state and federal levels. Manufacturing means producing or creating illicit drugs in a laboratory or through chemical processes. Examples of manufactured drugs are:

  • Crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • PCP

Finding an Experienced Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Mr. Dudley is experienced and aggressive in defending persons accused of manufacturing these drugs. He has successfully defended more persons across the country accused of drug crimes than almost any other lawyer nationwide. In the majority of states, manufacturing or cultivation are treated more seriously and have stiffer penalties than possession or trafficking.

Defendants accused of manufacturing illegal drugs need an attorney as successful as Mr. Dudley. He uses the best defense strategies on your behalf to confront investigators and prosecutors on their methods of collecting evidence. He may point out that an illegal search and seizure was committed, or that your constitutional rights were violated when evidence was gathered, weakening the prosecution’s case against you.

Possession of Chemicals Used to Make Illegal Drugs

Possession of certain “precursor” chemicals used to manufacture illegal drugs from chemicals using laboratory equipment is also against the law. This holds true even if no drugs are present at the time of seizure of the laboratory equipment or chemicals. Mr. Dudley has defended numerous clients accused of possessing precursor chemicals with the intent to manufacture drugs.

Cultivation of Substances to Make Illegal Drugs

Cultivation includes growing, possessing or producing naturally occurring substances in order to make illegal controlled products. An example of a cultivated drug is marijuana. As in the case of manufactured drugs, the illegal drugs do not themselves need to be present for a person to be charged with cultivating an illegal substance. Even if the product is not present, if a person is found to possess marijuana seeds, grow lamps, and hydroponic gardening equipment, he or she can be charged with cultivating marijuana.

Someone charged with manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs needs a lawyer who is an expert in defending against these accusations. Both state and federal laws prohibit the manufacture and cultivation of illegal drugs. State laws may differ, but federal laws apply to everyone in the U.S. and may impose strict compulsory penalties on defendants.