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Federal Regulatory Advice

Federal Regulatory Advice

With the increasing criminalization of federal regulatory practices, businesses must be careful to conduct themselves in a manner, which avoids not only civil fines but criminal penalties as well. This is especially true for foreign enterprises doing business in America for the first time — and for internet companies unfamiliar with the potential criminal ramifications of their activities.

Lawyers experienced in civil, administrative, or regulatory law – but who lack criminal law experience – cannot adequately provide such advice. Mr. Dudley can help large and small businesses understand how to conduct their affairs within the bounds of federal criminal law.

Regulatory Agencies

lawyer that will go to court for youThere are over 50 Federal regulatory agencies that are empowered to create and enforce rules and regulations in the United States. These rules and regulations, though not legislation as called for in the Constitution, carry the full force of law. Violation of the rules by a person or business can lead to fines, sanctions and even jail time. Some of the more familiar regulatory agencies include:

  • FDA — the Food and Drug Administration regulates all food products, prescription drug production, vaccines, and medical devices.
  • EPA — the Environmental Protection Agency regulates the environment and anything that may affect the environment.
  • OSHA — the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates workplace safety and the protection of employees.
  • DEA — the Drug Enforcement Agency is responsible for the prosecution of any illegal production, use, or distribution of controlled substances.
  • FTC — the Federal Trade Commission was created to prevent unfair methods of competition in business, but has since been granted broad authority over many aspects of commerce.
  • SEC — the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates and enforces securities markets and stock exchanges.
  • FCC — the Federal Communications Commission regulates all communications in the United States.

Number of Regulations

These agencies and others like them can impact individuals and businesses in a variety of ways through the rules and regulations they create and enforce. The sheer number of agencies and the volume of rules they produce can be overwhelming.

The list of all federal rules and regulations are combined in the Code of Federal Regulations. This annual publication by the Office of the Federal Register contains over 70,000 pages.

For more information, please contact our attorneys for federal regulatory advice.

Past Federal Regulatory Advice

  • In re U.C.: Client was interested in establishing an internet gaming business. Attorney Dudley successfully advised the client as to the legality, under federal law, of certain aspects of that business in the United States.
  • In re J.S.: Attorneys from another country sought ethical advice as to how they should handle certain major criminal cases in the United States. Attorney Dudley was able to ensure that their conduct complied with both the laws of the United States and the rule of professional responsibility of those states in which their clients were criminally charged.