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Cocaine Charge Defense Lawyer

David M. Dudley, a federal and state criminal defense attorney, has helped many clients over the years who have been charged with violations of using, distributing or manufacturing cocaine. He has an almost unparalleled degree of experience as a drug trafficking lawyer in both federal and state courts, and has handled some of the most complex cases involving excessive amounts of cocaine.

Cocaine is a Schedule II drug, labeled under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Schedule II drugs have a high possibility of being abused, but also have legitimate medical uses. An example is the prescription of cocaine for local anesthesia for some surgeries of the eye, ear and throat. Scheduled II drugs if abused are considered to have the potential for severe physical or psychological dependence.

Cocaine falls within this definition. It is powerfully addictive drug that, in powdered salt form, can be snorted, meaning inhaled. It also can be dissolved in water and injected. When processed into rock form, it can be heated, producing vapors which are smoked. A street name for cocaine, crack, comes from the crackling sound it makes when it is heated.

Penalties for using, making or selling cocaine are based on:

  • Whether the accused is a user, a maker or a distributor
  • Age of the abuser or seller
  • Where the cocaine is sold (for example, penalties increase when sold near schools)
  • How much cocaine is involved
  • The form of cocaine (crack or powdered)
  • The effect on the buyer if it is sold. Penalties for the seller are more severe (including life in prison, millions of dollars in fines) if the buyer overdoses and dies
  • A person’s prior offenses regarding drugs and cocaine
  • Whether the person used a gun at the time of the cocaine offense
  • Whether the charge is simple possession for personal use, possession with intent to sell or manufacture with the intent to distribute

Being charged for distributing cocaine is a federal offense. Laws on punishment continue to change based on the President’s or Congress’ decisions, but nevertheless, they are severe.

Mr. Dudley’s vast experience and knowledge makes him one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys around. He will evaluate every little shred of evidence in your case and will work exhaustedly to get your charges reduced if not dismissed.