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About David M. Dudley

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When he graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984, Attorney David M. Dudley, like the majority of his classmates, could have taken a high-paying job at a large corporate law firm. Instead, he decided to devote his career to defending individuals charged with serious crimes, primarily in federal court, but in state courts as well.

Mr. Dudley believes that criminal defendants are, to varying degrees, scapegoats for larger social problems which government leaders are unwilling or unable to address directly. This scapegoating, much more intense and widespread in this country than in any other democratic nation, has led to the increasing criminalization of individual and organizational behavior. Such expanding criminalization has in turn fed a prison/industrial complex which generates tremendous income for those who participate in its operation, creating a revolving door which is not an unintended effect of the prison system, but its primary purpose. Without vast recidivism, the system would fail to provide the economic benefits to which those participants have become accustomed. As a result, our country incarcerates a higher proportion of its population than any other.

Through his experiences and his study of the criminal justice system and its history, Attorney Dudley has reached the conclusion that only the most violent criminal offenders, if convicted, deserve any prison or jail time whatsoever. That is why he has never served as a prosecutor.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Dudley’s law practice has taken him across the country. During that time, he has represented individuals facing major criminal allegations in 36 different states. He has handled matters in both the trial and appellate courts, state and federal, and has also represented defendants seeking post-conviction relief. He is admitted to the United States Supreme Court and seven federal circuit courts of appeal. He has also been admitted to practice in 44 federal district courts and 48 different state and county jurisdictions nationwide.

Because of his vast range of experience, Attorney Dudley brings to his client’s defense a level of competence difficult for other attorneys to match, no matter what the jurisdiction. The favorable results he has obtained for most of his clients throughout the nation has demonstrated that criminal defendants can often benefit from having an attorney from outside the district or state in which they are being prosecuted.

Mr. Dudley’s range of practice is vast: he has defended clients against prosecutions for white-collar crimesdrug trafficking, money laundering, organized crime offenses, firearms violationsmurder, and many other crimes. He has also represented individuals facing international extraditionmulti-jurisdictional prosecutions, and criminal or civil forfeiture complaints.

On the federal level alone, he has handled over 250 cases in the last 15 years. Mr. Dudley has represented clients from all walks of life, including business executives, entrepreneurs, international trading companies, politicians, musicians, actors, writers, professional athletes, truckers, mail couriers, bartenders, accountants, doctors, and lawyers.

Attorney Dudley almost exclusively represents defendants who retain him privately, preferring not to burden his practice with the high case load he would have to accept if he regularly handled court-appointed work. Maintaining a low-volume practice allows him to devote to each client the time necessary to represent him or her properly, thoroughly, and aggressively.

Although he has handled some high-publicity matters, Mr. Dudley does not seek out cases which will bring him media attention. He has a traditional view of what it means to be an excellent criminal defense lawyer: it is not a matter of how much money you make or how much publicity you obtain—it is a matter of producing outstanding work inside and outside the courtroom and achieving the best possible result for your client. He believes that a truly great criminal defense attorney must be both an eloquent speaker and an effective writer, combining those practical skills with an intellectual understanding of the criminal justice system.

Whatever the optimum result is in any given case — a dismissal, an acquittal, a reversal, or the granting of other requested relief — Attorney Dudley provides his clients with the maximum probability of obtaining it. In those cases where such a result is not possible, he gives them the greatest chance of reaching the best conceivable disposition.

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