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Drug Possession Lawyer

Mr. Dudley has successfully represented clients for possession of illegal drugs. Penalties may be severe, especially if this is more than your first offense, and it is important to have a lawyer experienced in the complex federal and state laws of drug possession.

It also is important to have a lawyer who will defend you tenaciously and aggressively. Mr. Dudley fights for the rights of his clients and has been able to get many sentences abolished or reduced.

What Are the Penalties for Possession of Illegal Drugs?

The possession of illegal drugs is a crime under federal and state law. Penalties vary from one jurisdiction to another and depend upon the drug involved, the amount of the drug the defendant is accused of having, how many times he or she has been previously convicted of possessing the drug, and whether he or she possesses a drug with the intent to sell it.

Conviction of possession of marijuana, for example, is punishable under federal law as a misdemeanor if it is the first offense. The convicted must spend up to a year in jail and be fined up to $1,000. A second conviction is punishable by a 15-day mandatory minimum sentence and as much as two years in prison. The maximum fine is $2,500.

If convicted of possession three times or more, the mandatory minimum sentence is 90 days, the maximum is three years, and the maximum fine is up to $5,000.

What is Possession With Intent to Distribute?

Possession of large amounts of a drug often is charged as possession with intent to distribute. Federal penalties usually apply. If someone is caught with only a small amount of a drug, that person may be punished under state laws.

The laws pertaining to possession of illegal drugs are complicated. They may involve trial at the state or federal level. It is important to be represented by an attorney who thoroughly knows the law and is able to present your situation in the most favorable light possible. You also need an attorney who is experienced, tough, and tenacious.

Drug Possession Defense: Selected Results:

  • P v. T.B.,the defendant faced a potential life sentence under California’s three-strikes law. Authorities charged the defendant with possessing a large amount of cocaine and multiple firearms, all seized from his residence.  Mr. Dudley persuaded the court to sentence the defendant to a prison term of five years, of which he will actually serve less than 50 percent, upon accepting a guilty plea to all counts.