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David Helps Client Avoid Deportation & Jail Time

In P. v. D.E., the defendant was accused of participating in a scheme to transport hundreds of pounds of marijuana from California to Florida.  Because he was a Jamaican national residing in the United States on a green card, he faced mandatory deportation if convicted of the marijuana trafficking charges filed against him.  For months, the district attorney would not entertain any disposition of the case other than a guilty plea to a felony drug-trafficking offense with punishment to include two years of jail time.  When the case was set for trial, however, Attorney Dudley previewed his defense to a more experienced prosecutor who was brought in to try the matter.  After Mr. Dudley’s presentation, the new prosecutor agreed a settlement under which the defendant would plead no contest to a non-deportable felony with NO JAIL TIME.  As a result of that favorable disposition, the defendant remains in this country with his wife and children.