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Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal Conspiracy

Mr. David M. Dudley is one of the country’s best criminal defense attorneys. He has defended clients across the United States, successfully getting charges dropped or reduced. He has successfully defended clients charged with various white-collar crimes, including counterfeiting.

What Type of Crime is Counterfeiting?

The first official federal pursuit of counterfeit crimes began with the creation of the Secret Service in 1865. The division was established for the express purpose of suppressing counterfeit currency. The role of the Secret Service expanded and it is the same organization that today also is responsible for protecting the President.

One reason counterfeiting has been a major problem in the United States is that it can destabilize the government and the economy by undermining people’s faith in them. The crime of counterfeiting was even punishable as described in a clause in the Constitution that was created by the Founding Fathers.

In 1806, Congress passed the Enforcement of Counterfeiting Prevention Act, which enabled U.S. marshals and district attorneys to investigate and prosecute counterfeiters. The authority to investigate counterfeiting was later transferred to the Department of Treasury in 1860.

In order to regulate U.S. currency and increase sanctions against counterfeiters, Congress passed the National Currency Act in 1863. Also in 1863, the Treasury Secretary directed the Office of the Solicitor of Treasury to assume the department’s role in investigating counterfeiting. Ever since then, the laws have expanded and become more comprehensive as the ingenuity of counterfeiters has grown.

What Are the Penalties for Counterfeiting Money?

Counterfeiting money is a federal crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Under federal statute 18 USC section 471, if you’re found guilty of making copies in the likeness and similitude of US currency unless they are much larger or much smaller than US currency (a minimum of 50 percent larger or 25 percent smaller) or unless they are “rendered in black and white,” you face up to 20 years in prison.

You may be charged with a Class B felony and have trouble finding a job in the future. A federal felony arrest becomes part of your permanent record. If you are caught with the tools for making money you can be fined and have to spend up to 25 years in prison.

Experienced White Collar Crimes Attorney

Attorney David Dudley has defended people charged with white-collar crimes for decades. His approach to charging his clients differs from that of high-priced corporate attorneys who charge excessive rates by the hour.