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Drug Trafficking vs. Drug Distribution

Drug Trafficking Vs Drug Distribution

Drug distribution and drug trafficking are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there are some differences between the two. Generally, drug distribution carries less severe consequences than drug trafficking. The biggest difference has to do with the number of drugs involved. Some other factors include whether the drugs were transported across state lines, the location, and circumstances under which one was apprehended, and the defendant’s criminal history. If one is found guilty of drug trafficking or drug distribution, they may face between 4 years to life in prison and very large fines. The exact sentences will depend on whether you were charged with trafficking or distributing, the amount of drugs, and the type of drug.

What is Drug Distribution?

Drug distribution is a very common charge when an individual is caught trying to sell drugs to an undercover police officer. The charge of drug distribution is applied to cases which involve the selling, transporting or illegal importation of an illicit substance like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Drug distribution, just like drug trafficking, is considered a felony. This makes it a very serious crime.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is the illicit trade of an illegal substance and includes everything from manufacturing, distributing, transporting, to selling illegal drugs. Generally, drug trafficking charges carry more severe penalties than drug distribution. If one is caught in possession of a very large amount of drugs, or is caught transporting drugs across state lines, they are more likely to be charged with drug trafficking.

If you are being charged with drug trafficking or drug distribution, having a federal drug trafficking attorney by your side may be highly beneficial. Attorney David M. Dudley handles matters in both trial and appellate courts and he has years of experience handling drug trafficking/distribution cases. Call 800-805-6167 now to get a free case evaluation.