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Criminal Investigations

Defending Clients Under Criminal Investigation

The sooner a person under criminal investigation obtains a competent criminal defense attorney, the better his or her chances are of an ultimately favorable result. That is why law-enforcement officers, when any criminal accusation is made against them, engage an attorney immediately.

Unfortunately, especially in white-collar matters, individuals under investigation often hire huge law firms that do not exclusively handle criminal cases. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars later, they still face serious felony charges which eventually result in substantial prison terms for them. In fact, there are many cases in which the actions of their big-firm corporate defense attorneys actually precipitated such charges being filed.

For a reasonable, structured, flat fee, Mr. Dudley can provide the type of specialized expertise that such attorneys lack, despite their exorbitant retainers. He has successfully represented entertainment executives, professional athletes, small businessmen, lawyers, and others who have faced investigation for a variety of criminal accusations.

These accusations have included murder, money laundering, tax evasion, unlawful gambling, obstruction of justice, sexual assault, unlawful drug use or possession, possession or sales of illegal weapons, embezzlement, telemarketing fraud and real estate fraud.

Grand Jury Investigations

When there are ongoing criminal investigations, evidence is often gathered and presented to a grand jury. Grand juries can examine evidence and hear testimony. The grand jury then decides if there is enough evidence of a crime to issue an indictment.

A grand jury is an excellent opportunity to have a case dismissed if you receive proper legal counsel. An attorney is not allowed to be present in the room if you are testifying, but can provide you with advice prior to your testimony. An attorney can also give advice during the proceedings, but the witness must step out to confer.

The grand jury can compel witnesses to testify. Anyone called to a grand jury needs legal counsel, whether they are the target of the investigation, or believe they are just being called as a witness. It is crucial to know when it is proper to invoke 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination, and when testimony may in fact help gain a dismissal.

If you are facing investigation for a criminal accusation, the attorney you choose to represent you can make all difference in the outcome of your case. Contact Mr. Dudley for experienced and qualified criminal defense representation you can trust. Mr. Dudley is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, seven federal circuit courts of appeal, and he has also been admitted to practice in 44 federal district courts.

Clients Under Criminal Investigation: Selected Case Results

  • Investigation of J.S.: Several federal law-enforcement agencies targeted J.S., the owner of a major music production company, for over ten years. Those agencies attempted to indict him for multiple offenses, including drug trafficking, money laundering, tax evasion, and crimes of violence. During this entire period, J.S. was represented by Attorney Dudley. Federal authorities were able to bring NO CHARGES against J.S.
  • Investigation of D.J.: Federal law-enforcement agents in several states targeted D.J., a music producer and real estate investor, as the organizer of a nationwide drug-trafficking ring. Over several years, D.J. was represented by Attorney Dudley. Federal authorities were able to bring NO CHARGES against D.J.
  • Investigation of N.M.: Federal law-enforcement agents targeted N.M., a real estate investor, for real estate fraud. Over several years, N.M. was represented by Attorney Dudley. Federal authorities were able to bring NO CHARGES against N.M.
  • Investigation of B.T.: B.T., a professional football player was investigated for murder. Attorney Dudley provided legal counsel to B.T. during the investigation. B.T. was eventually EXONERATED of the charges.
  • Investigation of C.D: Local law-enforcement agents targeted and arrested C.D. for operating an illegal gambling operation. Attorney Dudley was able to persuade the district attorney to file NO CHARGES against his client.
  • Investigation of J.C.: J.C., a well-known agent in the entertainment industry, was investigated for allegedly raping a woman at his home. After conducting an independent investigation of the incident, Attorney Dudley was able to convince the prosecuting authorities that the sex had been consensual and, therefore, NO CHARGES were file against his client.
  • Investigation of J.D.: Federal law-enforcement agents targeted J.D. for operating a multi-state marijuana trafficking ring. Attorney Dudley represented J.D. during the investigation. Federal authorities ultimately brought NO CHARGES against J.D.
  • S. v. J.S.: Defendant arrested for possessing a firearm in a restaurant. Immediately after the arrest, Attorney Dudley sent an investigator to interview all civilian witnesses. Felony charges DISMISSED when the principal witness was confronted with his own audiotaped statement which directly contradicted his sworn declaration filed by prosecutors in court.
  • S. v. J.S.: Defendant arrested for possessing personal-use quantities of two drugs in his vehicle. Immediately after the arrest, Attorney Dudley had his client submit to a blood test which showed that he had no illegal substances in his system. Prior to the filing of formal felony charges, the client also passed an independently administered polygraph examination which was presented to the prosecution with the blood-test results. The defense also requested that the original laboratory test of the drugs be subjected to a secondary test which showed that the preliminary lab results were incorrect. Based upon all of this defense work, the prosecution DISMISSED all charges.
  • United States v. R.B.: Multiple federal agencies targeted R.B., a practicing lawyer, for drug trafficking, money laundering, tax violations, lying to law-enforcement agents, and obstruction of justice. After several years of investigation, Attorney Dudley persuaded federal prosecutors to charge his client with only one count of providing a false statement to government agents and later convinced a federal judge to grant his client PROBATION with no custody time.